Our Team

Our Team

The designers crafting expert solutions with a positive impact.



Digital native, global thinker. Designing a world where people feel good as they go about their business.

#superpower: straight shooter


A service designer, user experience designer and interaction designer. I believe design can change the world for the better

#superpower: solving complexity


Wrangler. Doer. Sketch-noter. Designer of user-centred services, digital touchpoints and physical spaces. Makes a lot of ‘Dad-jokes’.

#superpower: Cohesion

Ecosystem explorer, visual thinker, post-it note slinger and sharpie ninja. UXD/IxD & Service Designer. Believer that (good) design can change the world.

#superpower: approachable



Mover and shaker, design thinker, typography lover.
Designing for the future.

#superpower: inquisitive



Interaction designer, wireframe wrangler, data visuals and robust usability testing ace. Maps user journeys on the fly and speaks fluent binary.

#superpower: connecting the dots



Project Manager, problem solver and effective communicator. Curious about the world, lover of photography, film, books and music.

#superpower: listening



Designs useful, approachable things, to make people’s lives easier. Inspired by cities, urban design, reading, music, and technology.

#superpower: curiosity



Researcher, Interaction designer and Speaker. A wannabe-futurist who uses design to solve problems and improve lives.

#superpower: problem dissolver


A curious listener who seeks to harness the power of written word.

#superpower: detail


Gets things done. Loves to plan, organise and help people.

#superpower: intuitive

Designer, creative thinker, passionate about enhancing user interactions and human centred solutions.

#superpower: UX-Ray Vision


Interface Designer and Lecturer, UX advocate and Open-Source geek. Wants to harness the power of visual communication to make life satisfyingly simpler.

#superpower: fusing form+function



A researcher, designer and information architect who gets excited about interfaces and content.

#superpower: flow charts


An award winning UX human passionate about design that is engaging, inspirational, and surprising.

#superpower: versatility



Curious, adaptable problem solver. Believes good design creates lasting value and happy people.

#superpower: empathy

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