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Using observation and experimentation to create “what if…” scenarios so we can pinpoint the areas that need attention.

Research underpins much of what we do. We dissect processes and ideas to find smarter solutions that work for real people in the real world. We work closely with designers, engineers and programmers through each phase of product or service design using cyclic identify —> solve —> test methodology.

We continue to test and re-test our research findings to create robust designs that solve everyday human problems.


Strong foundations - projects and processes that are built on in-depth research that has been tested and examined from all angles.

Experience Strategy

Creating product and service experiences that set you apart from your competitors.

We understand that it’s important first to attract customers and then to retain them, and that the best way to retain them is to make sure their experience is straightforward and satisfactory.

We use Experience Design to seamlessly blend technology, process and people. We specialise in creating repeatable exceptional experiences for everyone involved in your business.


Greater customer satisfaction at all touch-points in a process builds longer lasting relationships.

Interaction Design

Software applications have become a part of everyday life. Socialising, finance, planning, relaxing and work - there are apps and sites to help us do everything.

Interaction design is an essential part of the success of any product. User behaviour is the foundation of interaction design, and we have a rigorous process of research, usability testing and iterative design to create harmony between the software and the people who use it.


Software applications with superior interfaces have dramatically less user drop-off due to interface frustration.

Service Design

Robust service design is not only about the customer, it is also about the service provider themselves.

Think of your business as a complex machine - a car, or a computer, or a hairdryer. The real workings are hidden under the bonnet or inside the case, but all the user wants is for the machine to work painlessly and reliably.

Using research, usability testing and observation, we uncover efficiencies and refine sequences to design a system that works perfectly - one that both the CEO and her granny can use.


Seamless, sustainable customer service and service provider environments that keep everybody in business.

Usability Testing

We undertake usability testing to help designers, engineers and programmers create products and services that work seamlessly for every individual who uses them

Usability testing works by observing a range of people interacting with a product and measuring how well it meets its intended purpose.

This gives designers great insight into what works, what users expect, and what can be refined. It is an essential part of the iterative design process.


By making things that are easy for people to use, people will use the things you make.

Participatory Design

Organisations often have many stakeholders invested in changes and new projects. While these stakeholders know the outcome they want, they often lack the specific processes and skills needed to design the products and services they have in mind.

Participatory design is a way of actively involving everyone in the process in a way that contributes to a positive outcome from all points of view and meets end user needs. Teamwork is a crucial aspect of the Perceptive Ideas approach, working together in the knowledge that collective intelligence is far more powerful than a single brain.

We use a range of tools and exercises to interpret and analyse ideas, and based on our findings we design experiences, products and services to meet each client's specific needs.


The combination of our expertise and input by the stakeholders results in a collaborative involvement for the life of the project, and creates a more targeted and effective end result.

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