Our craft


What is human-centred design?

It sounds like jargon, but it’s exactly what it says on the tin; putting the human perspective at the centre of every design decision we make. That might be a product, service, digital interface or physical space. We ask “what does the human need from this interaction?” and “what is the best experience to help them get their task done?”

Why do you need it?

There is one constant in this rapidly changing technological landscape; our human capabilities. No matter how much products and services change, our abilities and human-ness will remain the same. Any business with a product or service is smart if they learn about their users and make meeting their needs the North Star. Especially the needs they don’t know how to express. We never ask people what they want, we observe what they need.

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Who are syfte?

'syfte' is Swedish for "purpose", but the Australian pronunciation is 'sift'. Our purpose is to be a consultancy that focuses on people, to get good outcomes for businesses, no matter what the challenge. Every project is unique and we explore every problem with a fresh viewpoint. 

What will you get from us?

A dedicated and experienced crew, with a whole toolbox of design techniques, aimed at eliciting everything you need to make human-centred decisions. We research, do co-creation, gather actionable insights and design great solutions from them. We’re also a lovely bunch of humans, dedicated to sharing our knowledge, blending with your team and making sure everyone enjoys the ride!

Creating shared value

We ensure a shared value for both the customer and the organisation, as well as considering the impact of change on the productivity and engagement of staff.


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