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November 2017 - 3 weeks

Experience Designer



Changing the world one ticket at a time

Humanitix is a social enterprise ticketing platform that allows the event organiser to allocate the profit from Humanitix fees to a partner charity of their choice, event by event. With increased success and knowledge of the platform, Humanitix saw a need to implement functionality more in-line with competitors’ feature offerings.

We were engaged in a pro bono capacity by Humanitix as this project aligned with one of our core values of enabling others to succeed.

Our goal was to gain insights into user needs within the area of event management and to perform usability testing for the beta version of the soon to be re-released Humanitix website. To do this, we conducted eight hours of one-on-one interviews with existing Humanitix customers, who currently create and manage events. This provided us with a wide variety of insights as to how event managers use online platforms to set up and maintain their events.

The research that we conducted enabled us to make informed recommendations to Humanitix and it was valuable in helping shape our focus on features that will satisfy user expectations. We were able to identify issues that participants faced when using a competitor product as well as functionality that was considered vital to the capabilities of an event ticketing platform. This research will be highly valuable in guiding the implementation of features within the new Humanitix platform.