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Solving complex problems is child's play

syfte were selected to run a design thinking workshop for 9-12 year olds at Vivid Sydney in 2016 and, due to popular demand, were asked back again in 2017. We were given use of a fabulous space in the Museum of Contemporary Art, to host 40 children and their parents and guardians. The two hour workshop focussed on empathy building, problem solving, invention and most important, fun and play.

We ran a test pilot with 14 children to figure out what would work and what wouldn’t, to promise the kids an enjoyable learning experience. Insights from the pilot helped us decide the right number of participants per facilitator and redesign the Design Thinking method to fit this age group. It was not surprising to discover that kids are natural ‘prototypers’ who love to build and invent things.

The workshop was a roaring success and we took great pleasure in watching kids, who were sceptical at first, get into the activities and take pride in their amazing creations. It was also a rare opportunity for some parents to spend an uninterrupted Saturday morning with their child. We adjusted the workshop for kids with autism, so that they could participate in a non-confrontational way. We’re hoping to be invited back again in 2018!

"I liked learning about other people and using my imagination."

"I wish it went for another hour."

Future Making participants, 2017

Vivid 2017
Vivid 2017