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Self-service banking future

12 months

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A self-service banking future

Commonwealth Bank is moving towards a future state of banking where customers can do a lot of things for themselves. Key to that strategy is how customers interact with their ATM’s and how those interactions can be moved to a touch interface. syfte were brought in to learn how customers interact with self-service technologies. This knowledge would inform both the immediate redesign of ATM interactions, and Commonwealth Bank’s long-term strategy for retail banking services.

We held observation sessions in branches, conducted over 200 customer interviews and diary studies, as well as sifting through quantitative data from previous research. Our team wore Commonwealth Bank uniforms, out in the field, to make customers feel comfortable sharing their experiences directly after using an ATM. We became so good at directing customers that we found ourselves helping first-time users of self-service ATMs complete their transactions. 

The research informed the ATM screen design and we rapidly prototyped a low fidelity ATM model using cardboard boxes, an iPad, and a person inside pretending to make the ATM work. This let participants experience potential concepts at a much lower cost than building and testing a solution. The prototype was so successful that it was used by other departments as a design tool. All these ‘learnings’ directed the final design and build of the ATM interactions.

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